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  • Dues per month are $25 for Journeymen, $20 for Apprentices, $16 for Early Retirees, and $6 for Disabled members and Senior Retirees.
  • Your dues enable the Local Union to operate in an efficient, proper and solvent manner in service and interest of its membership.
  • Members may pay their Local Union dues at the regular scheduled meetings or by mailing a self addressed stamped envelope along with there payment and dues book to the Financial Secretary at:

Millwrights / Pile Drivers L.U. 2235
650 Ridge Road Suite 200
Pittsburgh Pa., 15205
Attn: Rich DeLuca.

  • Make checks payable to:  Local 2235
  • Do not send your membership card. The sticker for your card will be mailed back to you along with your dues book.
  • You SHOULD write the address of the Financial secretary in your member dues book.
  • Members may not pay their dues by going directly to the Financial Secretary's residence.



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